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Saddest-Looking Shelter Cat Purrs Non-stop after Getting Adopted [Video]



  • A ginger cat named Bruce Willis has been known as the “saddest cat” in the shelter he’s been living in because of his sad-looking eyes.
  • Bruce has been dealing with several health issues, including a healed eye injury.
  • So when a woman named Sandra decided to adopt him, he couldn’t stop purring with joy and gratitude for his new forever mom!

When the Animal Humane Society posted their adoption listing for a ginger cat named Bruce Willis, his photo touched the hearts of many.

Bruce has been living as a stray in Minnesota before getting picked up by the shelter. The 6-year-old cat’s sad-looking eyes have since made shelter staff refer to him as the “saddest cat.”

Meanwhile, one woman named Sandra came upon the listing and saw Bruce’s longing for love and affection.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Sandra initially didn’t plan on adopting him since her landlord didn’t allow pets.

But after she couldn’t stop thinking about the cat with the saddest eyes, she decided to visit him.

She shared, “He looked even sadder in real life than in the picture, and this broke my heart.”

Bruce was dealing with a lot of health issues, such as feline immunodeficiency virus, chipped teeth, and a healed eye injury.

Photo Credit: Instagram

After a month went by without Bruce getting adopted, Sandra decided to speak to her landlord — who made an exception for Bruce!

Bruce’s picture was more than enough to convince them.

Sandra just had to take Bruce home the very next day. Bruce was beside himself with joy and gratitude that he couldn’t stop purring!


Sandra shared, “He didn’t stop purring all night. Since that day, he’s been following me around no matter where I go.”

bruce and sandra
Photo Credit: Instagram

Bruce has found his forever home.

And after a long period of adjustment involving several medications, trips to the vet, food allergies, and behavioral issues, the former “saddest cat” is now the happiest he could ever be.

Photo Credit: Instagram

He certainly deserves all the love and affection!

Photo Credit: Instagram

And it’s all thanks to Sandra for giving him what he needed.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Their story proves that even the “saddest” and seemingly hopeless shelter animals still have the best lives ahead of them if showered with the love and care they deserve.

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