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‘Scary-Looking’ Dog Looks Adorable Curled Up In Security Blankie



  • Dash the Doberman brought his security blankie with him as he waited at the gym for his owner.
  • He looked adorable as he cozily snuggled in his blanket and took a nap.
  • Other pet parents said that their dogs also needed blankies to help with their anxiety.

Dobermans may look scary and intimidating, which is why they are often used as guard dogs. But they can be just as gentle and adorable as other dogs. Dash is a perfect example. In a viral TikTok video, we can see him curled up in his security blankie while waiting for his owner to finish their gym workout.

The video was captioned, “Just a big baby and his emotional support dino blankie.” The text overlay read, “Our scary Doberman who has a [dinosaur] security blankie.”

According to a 2020 Finnish study, 72.5 percent of 13,715 dogs of 264 different breeds exhibited signs of canine anxiety. The most common sign was noise sensitivity, which was seen in 32 percent of the dogs.

Male dogs were more likely to show aggression, while females were more likely to show hyperactivity or separation anxiety. Both sexes exhibited noise sensitivity and fear of surfaces.

It’s important for dog parents to be aware of what negatively affected their dogs so they can help them get through them and make them feel comfortable. One way to help them is by providing them with a comforting blanket, such as what Dash has.

'Scary-Looking' Dog Looks Adorable Curled Up In Security Blankie
Photo Credit: TikTok/dashandthor

Dash looked like an adorable Doberman-Dino mix when he’s covered up in his novelty dinosaur blanket hoodie.

The video of him comfortably napping earned over 3 million views and 594,000 likes ever since it was shared on January 19.

Viewers were so taken with the video of Dash that over 1,000 people commented, prompting the account owner to share follow-up videos. One video showed them going to Target to share where they got the blanket, and they proceeded to buy a new pink one for Dash!

Photo Credit: TikTok/dashandthor

He looks so adorable!

Here’s another video of Dash napping cozily:


One viewer commented, “Our Doberman also has her own security blanket,” leading the account owner to reply, “Apparently it’s more common than I thought!”

Another viewer referred to the scary and aggressive reputation of Dobermans and other breeds, writing, “I want to love up on all the dangerous dogs. They are the biggest babies.”

Source: Newsweek