Scattered ashes form ‘miraculous’ shape resembling dog that passed away [Video]

Scattered ashes form 'miraculous' shape resembling late dog

  • When Biscuit the dog suddenly passed away late last year, her mom Natalie felt she didn’t get to say goodbye.
  • Natalie finally got that chance when she scattered Biscuit’s ashes in one of their favorite parks.
  • The scattered ashes briefly took the form of their beloved Biscuit!

Losing a pet is always difficult, and letting go is never easy. A grieving dog mom got the peaceful send-off she needed when she scattered the ashes of her beloved dog, Biscuit.

Biscuit, a 12-year-old German Shepherd and collie mix, suddenly passed away late last year in 2021.

Photo Credit: Natalie Franko Larason

Biscuit’s mom, Natalie Franko Larason, told Newsweek that the pup showed no signs of illness or aging.

“I just found her ‘asleep’ in one of her usual spots near the bottom of the stairs,” she recalled. “We never got to say our final goodbyes, which has made the grieving process that much more difficult.”

So when Natalie finally agreed to scatter some of Biscuit’s ashes, they went to one of their favorite parks in Southern California. There, Biscuit enjoyed long walks and played around with the turtles and ducks.

When she looked over the photographs, she was “shocked.”

Scattered ashes form 'miraculous' shape resembling late dog
Photo Credit: Natalie Franko Larason

“What started as a melancholy day turned into something truly amazing,” Natalie told Newsweek. “I honestly couldn’t even believe what I was seeing at first. I had a visceral reaction. Full body chills with many many happy tears. It was a healing moment, actually.”

When the photo was shared on Reddit, several pet parents shared their own similar stories. Natalie found the connection healing as well.

Others were simply amazed by the photo that they wondered if it was edited. So, Natalie shared a video of that special moment the ashes took on the form of her beloved Biscuit.

Natalie said she was “astonished” herself when she saw it. โ€œThe shape they formed looked exactly like her. I took it as a sign of her final goodbyeโ€ฆ Itโ€™s miraculous.โ€

“I hope my fellow animal lovers take comfort in this video, as I have,” Natalie wrote on YouTube. “Rest in peace my sweet Biscuit, Iโ€™ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.”

“They never truly leave us,” she added in the video.

Source: Good News Network

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