School Principal Drives Kids Home When Bus Drivers Called In Sick

  • Principal Janet Throgmorton has been getting her hands dirty with cafeteria, janitorial, and even bus duties during the pandemic.
  • She has a commercial driver’s license which helped a lot when two bus drivers fell ill with the coronavirus.
  • She says the extra time and effort by everyone to help everybody get through the pandemic only makes the bond with her students stronger. 

For Janet Throgmorton, principal of the Fancy Farm Elementary school in Kentucky, a Principal’s got to do, what a Principal’s got to do. More so during this pandemic.

As Janet said, “You help where you need to help because that’s what you need to do. We’ve been short custodians, so you help take out trash. Our goal for the entire school year is to have kids in these buildings because we definitely believe that’s where the best learning takes place.”

There have been staff shortages and so she has been helping out wherever she is needed. Whether serving up hot lunches or emptying out the trash barrels, the principal shows up. 

So, when 2 of their school’s bus drivers went down with the coronavirus, she stepped in.

Photo Credit: Janet Throgmorton

She may be a familiar face among the students on the bus when she hitches a ride, but seeing her at the wheel, isn’t.

She explained, “The first couple of times I drove, it was really comical because I’m on the bus as the bell rings, as the kids are dismissed. The kids are like, ‘Why are you driving the bus? Do you know how to drive the bus?’ I say, ‘Yes. I got my license to do it.’”

Janet got her commercial license two years ago when she wanted to save the school district funds by operating the bus for field trips.

As the bus driver, she disinfects the seats before and after school.  The kids do their share by maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and sanitizing their hands.

Photo Credit: Chris Yu WPSD Local 6 (Facebook)

Janet said, “It’s been very difficult for bus drivers, aides, cafeteria workers — it affects every aspect of what we do. Although COVID hasn’t affected kids very much, you still consider schools a germ area. We don’t blame them.”

She is also in awe at the dedication of her fellow educators who put in a lot of work and went above and beyond their duty during this trying year.

She thinks that the extra time and effort that everyone exerts during this pandemic has helped her and others form tighter bonds with students and with each other, making it all worthwhile!

Source: Inspire More

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