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School Staff Raised Funds To Buy Truck For Hardworking Custodian Who Travels 3 Hours To Work Everyday! [Video]



  • Robert Reed had to travel for three hours from home to work and back every day.
  • Despite that difficult ordeal, he still chose to be cheerful and positive at work.
  • That is why his community decided to raise funds for him to buy a truck for his own!

It has always been hard for Robert Reed to travel back and forth to his work every day.


Robert is a custodian at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee, for four months now. Each day, he allots 3 hours of travel time to get to work—that’s for three bus rides and 2 miles walk just to get to work.

Yet, every time he arrives at work, he is still smiling and always cheerful, that every person he meets gets inspired by his positivity.

“His work ethic is unbelievable. We want our kids to pick up on that,” teacher Elizabeth Malone said.

Then, after every end of the school day, Robert had to endure the 3-hour trip again before he could get home. His coworkers and other teachers in the school do whatever they can to help Robert out.

“All the teachers have taken me to the bus stop,” he said. “They even gave me money when I didn’t have any. I’m telling you, Farmington is a family here.”

Until finally, the people around him who care about his welfare have decided it is time to get him something to make his little bit easier. So they launched a GoFundMe page with the initial goal to raise  $10,000 for him to buy a second-hand vehicle. But, after only a day, they have already gained $7,000! Robert’s reaction upon learning this great news was totally precious!

A local news station captured Robert’s touching moment as he dropped to his knees and started sobbing. “You deserve it,” Elizabeth said as she gave him a hug.

Robert was still in tears as he thanked all the people who made this wonderful gift possible.


“I love these people up here,” he said. “I love them! And I couldn’t have made it without them. It’s a joy to work here. Pure joy.”

But the happy news didn’t just stop there! After his story reached the news, his GoFundMe page was blown up with donations! They have now about $50,000 and counting!


“Each morning when we give him an update, he just cries and cries… and so do we,” Elizabeth wrote. “He is so very humble and completely overwhelmed with gratitude.”

That’s a very supportive community we all want to be part of!

Source: Inspire More