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Selma Blair Rides Horse Again After MS Diagnosis [Video]



  • Selma Blair has been fighting Multiple Sclerosis since 2018. 
  • Recently she posted an update of herself which was nothing short of badass!
  • It was photos of her riding her horse again and she couldn’t stop smiling.

Celebrity Selma Blair who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018 gave an update about herself and the progress she’s making in her battle against the disease. She was so happy to reveal that she had ridden her beloved horse again — something that she missed for a long time.

The “Legally Blonde” actress had an emotional bonding moment with her horse as shown in the two photos she shared on Instagram. In the first one, she can be seen hugging her horse from its back and in the second, she was in the actual act of riding it which looked really badass!

“It is what I miss the most about my current abilities or disabilities,” now 48-year-old Blair, said in the caption of the post. “Today, we managed to get it together to have a few minutes and I could not stop smiling.”

She also gave a little more detail about how MS is affecting her body and that she still can’t feel her left leg nor her hips. But she’s taking it slow until the time comes, as she intended, that she has full control of her body. 

“I am a mess with MS,” the “Cruel Intentions” she said. “But I am going to learn how to use this body, brain and emotions.”

Blair fully embraces her condition despite all the limitations in doing things. “I will always have MS, I now see. Always,” she said.

Photo Credit: Selma Blair

She then thanked the trainer for taking care of her horse’s training. She was just so happy to be “back in the saddle.”

“Keep finding ways to do things. I have hope,” she concluded. “Thank you all. Especially Celeris and Cellar Door Farm to keep encouraging me to try again, in style.”

Selma Blair, you are just so inspiring, so brave, so strong, and so gorgeous still as you age! God bless you more!

Source: Good Morning America