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Happy Tears

Senior Cat’s Nightly Check-In Warms Hearts Online



Quick Smiles:

  • 17-year-old cat checks on owner at night
  • Adorable video goes viral on TikTok
  • Internet users share their own heartening pet stories

A delightful video on social media has captured the attention of thousands, as it shows a senior cat’s tender way of checking in on her owner at night. This charming clip has become a tearjerker for many, spreading joy and warmth across the internet.

The video features Claudia Thiedmann’s 17-year-old “girl cat” snuggling up to her in bed while she works on her laptop. The loving feline keeps a watchful eye on Thiedmann throughout the night, seemingly making sure her beloved owner gets some rest.


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♬ my love mine all mine by mitski – filmsbymoons

Since being shared by @claudiathiedmann, the TikTok post has garnered numerous comments from viewers expressing their emotions and sharing how Kitty the cat reminds them of their own pets. One user wrote, “The way she looks at you. She loves you so much.” Another added, “Cats are just the best.”

Many users shared their own uplifting pet stories, with one saying, “My childhood cat would tuck herself into my bed, head on the pillow and wait for me to be the big spoon. We used to sleep like this every night.” Another commented, “Contact nap with my cat helped me with my anxiety so much.”

This heartening video has brought smiles to countless faces, reminding us all of the special bond between pets and their owners.