Senior dog spends his day taking relaxing naps, floating on the pool [Video]

  • Chewie is a senior dog who enjoys having her naps while floating around a pool. 
  • Her floating naps started as a water therapy for her neurological issues.
  • The weightlessness relaxes her nerves and lulls her to sleep.

When you’re a 17-year-old dog, spending all day chilling is the name of the game, right?  For Chewie, it is taking naps on floaties around the pool.

Chewie has spent her life being her mom’s, Jana Tuchin’s, faithful and loyal companion after her husband suddenly passed.  At one time, Chewie was super active and participated in different activities, but now that she has gotten on in age, she has come to slow down and chill.

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When she turned 13, she developed neurological issues and one of the ways to manage it was through water therapy.

Her therapist would set up floaties on the pool and Chewie would just comfortably drift around, lulling her to sleep.

Jana said that it scared her when Chewie fully relaxed like that and she would make her exercise her limbs.

Photo Credit: Jana Tuchin

“The therapist said how wonderful that weightlessness feels and so happy for her to enjoy it. Now she almost always relaxes as soon as I get her adjusted.”

The motion and the ability to move around the pool also give Chewie a sense of independence.

Chewie gets to take floating naps twice a week in winter and almost every day in the summer. Once in a while when her mom tugs on her toy, Chewie gets revved up and gets a little playful, showing her mom that there’s still a little puppy hiding inside that senior dog body.

Looking at Chewie sleeping around in her floaties around the pool, you’ll think she’s one spoiled golden lady.  But to her mom, she’s just giving Chewie the best life she can live as long as she’s around.

Source: The Dodo

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