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Senior Dog With Cancer Marries His Best Friend



  • Toby had always been neglected his whole life before he was rescued at 15.
  • But he recovered with the care of his new family and had the best days of his life until recently, they discovered he has cancer.
  • The family thought to have Toby and his lover, Zoey, get married before it’s too late.

Most of his life, Toby had been always neglected. He was already 15 when he entered Newman Nation: Senior Pets United in a very poor condition — especially his fur which was extremely matted. And there is only one person that they thought would be the best foster parent for Toby — that’s Jennifer Burke. 

Jennifer is not new to fostering hospice dogs so with the help of her family, they were ready to take Toby in and care for him.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

“When Toby first joined our family, he was really scared and timid, in addition to being very sick,” Jennifer told The Dodo. “He was such a little pathetic mess and we fell in love with him immediately. Shortly after getting Toby, we discovered he was blind, and deaf, which was quite a surprise.” 

Then they also learned that Toby once had cancer and fought it and won. They fell in love with him even more and decided to have him stay with them forever.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

Toby on the other hand loves his new family. But his favorite is Zoey — a rescued pup from a dog farm where she was made to breed many times. 

Zoey is a little awkward even with other dogs because she was never trained how to socialize in her life inside the puppy mill. But somehow, it’s totally different when she’s with Toby. They love each other and have been the best buddies for more than  two and a half years now. They are quite inseparable!

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

“It was really poignant to see two misfits start to figure out friendship and eventually fall in love,” Jennifer said. “They really are an awkward match made in heaven.” 

Toby is now 17, and recently he was diagnosed with cancer again. The doctors gave him only a few months and it was so heartbreaking for his family. So they thought of doing something special for him and Zoey.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

“After giving my kids the devastating news of his prognosis, my 8 year old son, Dillon, said ‘Well, I think Toby and Zoey should get married before Toby dies,’” Jennifer said. “Immediately, our family agreed. It was a perfect way to celebrate Toby and the really meaningful role he has played in our lives.”

So their whole family got involved in it and went on to make the best wedding day for the little lovers! The wedding was held in the backyard, completed with decoration and a wedding cake!

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

Toby’s days may be numbered but we are sure that he will have the best days of his life filled with love in the care of his family and his lover Zoey.

Best wishes!


Source: The Dodo