Separated Dog Siblings Reunited After Rescue Organizations Learned Their Story

  • Littermates Lori and Jerry ended up in separate rescue organizations.
  • Due to their separation, Lori suffered from deep depression.
  • The two rescue organizations worked together to reunite the two and have them adopted by just one owner.

They were not meant to be separated but somewhere along the way, the siblings lost each other.  But thankfully, the two rescue organizations that got them, worked together to reunite them.

The reunion efforts started when Lori, a small 2-pound dog lay shaking in a deep depression in one of the kennels at Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue (CMDR).  The shelter wanted to know the reason for Lori’s condition.

Linda Gilliam, president of CMDR said, “After we picked up Lori, my admin was informed she had a littermate/housemate (we never separate), but that another rescue had accepted him.  As a rule, the shelter will never disclose which rescue accepts what dog, so we did not immediately know who had Jerry.”

That is when they concluded that Lori’s depression was due to her missing her brother, Jerry.

Photo Credit: Linda Gilliam

Then the second part of the reunion efforts rolled. Gilliam managed to locate Jerry’s whereabouts and contacted A Home 4 Spot (AH4S) rescue owner Diana Englund to bring the siblings together.

And what a reunion it was! Gilliam recounted, “Jerry was in heaven, [and] Lori was a little shy, which is her nature. Jerry is more dependent on her.”

Photo Credit: Linda Gilliam

And Gilliam made it a goal to never separate the two, again.  She said, “We approached the adopter asking if they would consider adopting her brother as he was despondent without her and it would be at no additional cost.” Fortunately, the adopter agreed and the two are now settling and doing well together.

What a happy ending.  Thanks to the incredible efforts of the two rescue organizations, Lori and Jerry can now live better and happier lives. 

Source: The Dodo

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