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Service Dog Celebrates After Seeing His Mom Walk Again [Video]



  • Piper is Cienna’s service dog who has been with her through every step of her medical ups and downs.
  • After undergoing a new treatment, Cienna is now able to walk and Piper’s reaction was of pure joy.
  • The unbeatable duo is going to have some adventures in the water and on land soon!

Piper the dog has been with his mom Cienna through her medical journey. As his mom’s service dog, he first trained to detect and alert for low blood sugar, mast cell reactions, periodic paralysis attacks, migraines, and a lot of other conditions.  And since his mom could not walk, he helps her hit handicap buttons, pick up items and close doors, among others.

In the years since they have been together, Piper has managed to save Cienna’s life through numerous actions. Too many that Cienna and her service dog trainer from Michigan Service Dogs LLC cannot keep count.

Cienna said, “He knows how to work next to any mobility aid and is always learning ways to mitigate my ever-changing disability.” Cienna added. “He makes me laugh constantly and has always been my biggest cheerleader. I wouldn’t be here today without him and his lifesaving work.”

When his mom received a new treatment that made her regain some of her movement, there was no one more excited than Piper.  He literally jumped for joy when he saw his mom walking again for the first time.

Cienna said, “It was so emotional for both of us!”

Since Piper enjoys anything that has to do with water, the next months would mean going to the beach and boogie boarding together with his mom or even hiking.

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Cienna’s next moves would certainly be spent with Piper who has been with her through the trying times.  Now that she is taking her first steps, there is no one more deserving to celebrate her wins with but Piper.

Go have some fun on your adventures, Piper and Cienna!

Source: The Dodo