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Shaq Consoles Crying Boy in Supermarket, Then Buys Him Shoes and Coat [Video]



  • NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal saw a little boy crying at the checkout counter of a supermarket and stopped to console him.
  • The boy said he made his father angry to whisch Shaq replied, “go give your dad a hug and tell him you’re sorry.”
  • Shaq also bought gifts for the boy and his father.

Shaquille O’Neal is not only popular as an NBA legend but he is also known for a lot of good deeds. He is known to pay for someone’s grocery items every time he goes to a supermarket.

This time Shaq was reported buying gifts for a boy he ended up consoling after he saw him crying at a store.

Shaq spotted the visibly upset boy near the checkout counter. He stopped and asked him why he was crying.

The boy, named Zion, was completely surprised to see Shaq in front of him. Though a little shocked, he managed to hold back his tears. Zion explained that he got in trouble for not listening to his father while being in the store. He told Shaq that it made his father angry.

Shaq replied, “go give your dad a hug and tell him you’re sorry.”

“I did just that as he lectured me about listening to my parents,” the boy wrote in an Instagram post.

Shaq also asked him why he didn’t get shoes today. “My parents just came to get me a coat. Shaq then said let’s go pick out some shoes.”

The basketball legend not only bought Zion two pairs of shoes, but he also paid for his coat and for some socks his father got. “I am beyond grateful & blessed. What a day? I’m still in shock and can’t stop talking about this amazing moment,” Zion wrote.

Photo Credit: Craig/Wikimedia Commons

Zion was also thrilled that Shaq took time to watch his basketball practice videos and told him he is a “beast point guard”. The boy said thanks and said he hopes to be in the NBA one day.

The post went viral, of course. Many share their personal experience with Shaq and how he has reached out to everyone he meets in stores.


“Love how Shaq always just blesses random people he sees wherever he’s at,” one person commented. “Love seeing stories like these…restores faith in humanity,” another remarked.

Source: Inspire More