Shelter Dog Gets A Red Carpet Send-Off As He Walks Straight To His New Mom

  • Bowie was a staff and employee favorite of the Whatcom Humane Society for his sweet nature.
  • For more than a year, there were adoption requests for him that did not pull through and the staff could not understand why.
  • When he finally got adopted by someone who has loved him since her college days until she found a job, they rolled out the red carpet for Bowie.

The moment Bowie came to the Whatcom Humane Society, everyone fell in love with him.

Andrea Merrill, Whatcom Humane Society’s development associate said that Bowie is a very sweet dog. 

Employees and staff would play with him and take him out on hikes.  For almost a year and a half, they took care of him.  With his sweet demeanor and love for life, they could not understand why adoptions were not working out.  None fit him.

And every time an adoption would not pull through, the staff would welcome him back again with open arms.

Merrill said, “He definitely needed someone who was willing to understand that he’s a fantastic dog who is still learning his manners.”

This went on until a college student fell in love with him.  But she was still in school and it just was not the right time for her to adopt him.

But after she graduated from college and found her first job, there was no stopping her adopting him. 

Merrill happily shared, “It’s very much a ‘the right person found the right dog’ situation. And everyone here at Whatcom was so excited for Bowie to start this new chapter.”

They do not usually give a red-carpet sendoff for their wards but in Bowie’s case, they just had to say farewell this way.  And with everyone crying with happiness that Bowie was finally going to his forever home with the right person, Bowie walked the long red carpet from the kennels to the door.

Bowie now spends his days on hikes or in training classes but most especially, snuggling up with his mom.

Bowie is now living the life that he deserves.  Congratulations, Bowie!

Source: The Dodo

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