Shelter Helps Raise Puppy With Special Needs

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  • Faith was born with special needs — she was missing her eyes.
  • But her determination and adorable “squint” has made her beloved to the local shelter, which helped fly her to her foster mom.
  • After traveling so far, Faith is now healthy enough to be adopted and cared for by a loving family.

Meet Faith. She was just a little puppy when she was dropped off in a cardboard box on a vet’s doorstep in Antigua.

Photo Credit: ANIMAL HAVEN

The vet instantly knew that she was special. She was malnourished and had no eyes, which gave her a permanent squint and a wrinkled forehead that seemed adorable and heartwarming.

So the vet contacted the local rescue shelter, Dogs and Cats of Antigua. Their staff were the ones who named the little pup Faith and made sure to help her live a happy life.

Faith’s foster mom, Kate Venezia, told The Dodo that dogs with special needs were usually put down in Antigua because of a lack of adopters and money for the extra care.

Thankfully, “Dogs and Cats of Antigua fostered her, paid her vet bills, and even convinced the government to let her fly out early so she could get proper medical attention in the U.S.,” Kate shared.

Photo Credit: KATE VENEZIA

When Kate finally met Faith, she admired the little pup’s determination.

“She was surprisingly good at navigating the house. She was pretty fearless, but definitely found her way around by sniffing and bumping into things. Nothing fazes her. If she hits something, she just jumps right back up and keeps going,” Kate shared.

Photo Credit: KATE VENEZIA

Kate observed how Faith found her way around by using her nose and ears. And her favorite spot? Her foster mom’s feet!

“She adores people and wanted to be with me all the time. She can sense if I’m near. She will stick her nose up in the air and sniff around to try to find me,” Kate said. “Inside, she will run to someone if she can hear them make a sound in the other room.”

Photo Credit: ANIMAL HAVEN

After traveling so far, Faith has now been deemed ready for adoption, according to a full medical evaluation at the NYC-based rescue Animal Haven.

Her adorable photos have already sparked a lot of applications! It’s only a matter of time before this special pup finds the forever home that she deserves.

If you would like to help other pups with special needs find loving homes, you can donate to Animal Haven and Dogs and Cats of Antigua.


Source: The Dodo

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