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Singer Meets Blind Fan And Gifted Him A Guitar With His Name In Braille Engraved On It



  • Ayden has always been a fan of the singer Kelsea Ballerini and he was so lucky to have met her during her concert through the help of Do It For The Love organization.
  • The boy must have left an impression on the singer because a few months later, she sent him a gift that brought him to tears.
  • It was an electric guitar with his name in braille engraved on it, along with a letter telling him to use his gift in music!

Kelsea Ballerini has always been Ayden Morgan’s favorite singer. So, during her concert in April of 2019, the  Do It For The Love helped him make his wish come true! The organization arranged for him to attend the concert with his family and later on had a greet and meet with the artist backstage.

The sweet boy must have left quite an effect on Kelsea when they met because a few months later, she sent a gift to him that melted his heart, and had him crying in joy.

Ayden was born with a rare brain cancer that has since been fighting with. When he was 3 years old, he became blind. He then underwent a series of over 20 surgeries even before he was 10. But he is such a brave kid and he deserves all of his wishes to come true!

Along with the gift that Kelsea sent, she also wrote a letter that reads: “Meeting you in St. Augustine really touched my heart, and I wanted to get you a special guitar to encourage you to keep playing and using your gift. All my love. Kelsea.”

The gift was a brand new electric guitar that is white in color and has his name in braille engraved on it. The singer decided this gift because when they met, they have talked about their common love in playing musical instruments especially the electric guitar — so Kelsea wants Ayden to use his gift and hone his talent.

As Ayden’s mom was recording their unboxing of the gift, it was clear that she was touched because her voice cracked a little especially when Ayden started crying. It was so full of love and so real it could melt anyone’s heart.

Source: Inspire More