Six-Year Cat Shelter Veteran With FIV Finds Forever Home

cat with FIV

  • Tyson, a tabby cat with FIV, has been with the cat shelter for more than 2,000 days.
  • Cats with FIV make them less “adoptable” but what potential parents do not know is that they can still live full, happy lives.
  • Adoptive parents Janelle and Zach James looked beyond the FIV diagnosis and swore to manage Tyson’s asymptomatic condition with visits to the vet.

When cats are positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), it lessens their chance of being adopted. For ginger tabby cat Tyson, it meant staying at The Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation for more than 2,000 days.

FIV is a condition where a virus weakens and damages a cat’s immune system, making them vulnerable to diseases and infections.

The shelter’s manager, Alexandra Holden, said, “There is a lot of stigma around the disease. There is an assumption that FIV cats will not live as long, or [they] lead to high vet expenses.”

But cats with FIV can still live full and happy lives. Holden added that shelter staffers inform potential adopters of each cat’s personalities and medical history so they are able to better handle the cat’s health and what to expect.

Photo Credit: @helenokrauseanimalfoundation (Faceboook)

According to AAFP Retrovirus Guidelines: “Studies demonstrate that retrovirus infected cats, especially FIV-infected cats, may experience normal longevity with appropriate husbandry and disease management.” 

And for Janelle and Zach James of Fawn Grove, Pa., who decided to be Tyson’s parents, there is more to Tyson than his FIV diagnosis. Tyson’s post on really captured their hearts and put an end to his 6-year stay. 

Tyson, who sports matching white mittens and bib, is really a sweet cat and one of the shelter’s favorites.

Photo Credit: @helenokrauseanimalfoundation (Faceboook)

Holden says that the cats in their care have become a part of their daily routine: “They’re family to us, so it’s bittersweet when one gets adopted. It fills us all with joy to see them get the loving home they deserve, but we can’t help but miss them, too.” 

And Tyson did not show any fear or time to adjust to his new home. His dad Zach said that Tyson could not stop purring and rubbing against them when they went home! It is as if he knew that the James home is where he belonged.

They are bent on maintaining Tyson’s asymptomatic status by having him checked twice a year.

Welcome home, Tyson!


Source: Daily Paws

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