Six-year-olds find love in the time of COVID-19 [Video]

  • Six-year-old classmates Etien Hoyes and Maisie Golledge spent most of their time on video calls during lockdown.
  • In no time, both fell in love and now call themselves “boyfriend and girlfriend.” 
  • For Valentine’s day, Etien surprised his love Maisie with flowers and a lip balm.

Indeed love, no matter the time and the circumstance, always finds its way — even with little, innocent children who both found themselves “totally in love” amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Etien Hoyes and Maisie Golledge, both at a tender age of six, fell in love with each other while on lockdown.

Both being the only child of their families, Etien and Maisie found a way out of their loneliness and utter boredom because of pandemic restrictions. Since they couldn’t get out to play, they spent their long days on video calls.

According to Etien’s mom Angela, the young lovebirds would generally spend their time showing each other new tricks they have learnt — “Etien somersaults on the bed or shows her his guinea pigs and Maisie dances.”

Photo Credit: Jam Press/Mirror

Now, they officially call themselves “boyfriend and girlfriend.”  

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, Etien gave careful thought on how to make his girlfriend happy and well, super loved.

What other way to woo a girl than a bouquet of flowers and gifts, right? Etien seems like a pro on this one!

“Etien decided he wanted to make Maisie happy and insisted we go out and buy flowers for her, which he spent ages choosing, and some Trolls lip balm,” Angela giddily shared.

Photo Credit: Jam Press/Mirror

Etien sure knew how to be a real gent, that he dressed up and acted so cool when he visited Maisie to bring her the surprise gifts. Without fail, he surely made the little girl’s heart happy when she was jumping up and down as he handed her the gifts.

Colette, Maisie’s mom, was as delighted by the sweet gesture, saying that the kids “absolutely adore” each other and that her Maisie was sent “over the moon” by Etien’s Valentine surprise.

Photo Credit: Jam Press/Mirror

Angela, who cannot contain the kids’ cuteness and happiness, posted the whole thing on Facebook, which tugged the heartstrings of many viewers.

Source: Mirror

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