Smart cat opens door for roommate who got locked out [Video]

  • Bailey Rubal was locked out of her apartment, so she tried to get her roommate’s cat to open the door from inside.
  • She heard Voodoo the cat trying to pull the door handle, so she leaned on the door and it opened!
  • It turns out that Voodoo has opened doors before, so she tried to get him to do it again.

Getting locked out may just be a universal experience. We’ve all felt that slight panic when we can’t find our keys. For many, there may be a secret hiding spot for a spare key. But for those who don’t have one, we just hope that someone else is home to open the door for us.

Bailey Rubal was in such a predicament. She was locked out of her apartment with nobody home — except for her roommate’s cat. So, she tried to get him to open the door for her!

The smart cat pulled it off!

Smart cat opens door for roommate who got locked out
Photo Credit: TikTok/baileyrubal

Bailey shared that it might’ve just been perfect timing since she was already leaning on the door when she heard Voodoo pulling on the handle.

The video quickly went viral with over 6.3 million views! Viewers were so impressed that they suggested entering the smart cat on television. Even the official TikTok account of Game Show Network commented, โ€œMiss, this cat is smart enough to be on a game show.โ€

Bailey said that they have seen Voodoo open doors before so they have to make sure to always lock their doors. But when she tried to get Voodoo to do it again on video, it hasn’t happened again so far. So, she tried her best to train him for the past couple of days.


Reply to @liampierce22 This was the last 2.5 daysโ€ฆA+ for effort! Heโ€™s still a cute chicken nugget. #fyp #cattok #austin #atxlife #cat

โ™ฌ original sound – Bailey Rubal

Points for effort!

Perhaps Voodoo just sensed the urgency of Bailey’s previous situation when she was locked out and acted on it. Good job, Voodoo!

Source: Pet Helpful

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