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Smiling Dalmatian Captures Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • A Dalmatian named Grey has a unique way of expressing his joy – he smiles, which often gets mistaken for growling.
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) explains that Grey’s smile is a “submissive smile,” a common canine expression of happiness.

Grey, a Dalmatian with a unique expression, has been causing quite a stir. His peculiar way of smiling often leads people to question his friendliness. However, Grey’s owner, Jessa Gabrielle, assures that his intentions are nothing but pure joy.

Jessa shared Grey’s story through a video, featuring a voiceover from Grey’s perspective. The video showcases numerous clips of Grey’s signature grin, which to some, may seem like a growl.

The voiceover begins with, “People keep asking if I’m friendly and I’m so confused because I’m like, don’t I look friendly?”

Jessa explains that Grey started scrunching his nose in happiness when he was nearly three months old, which eventually evolved into a full-blown smile. Initially, Grey would flash his teeth when let out of his crate, but as he grew older, the smiling became a constant feature.

Jessa mentions that “most people” find Grey’s smile endearing. However, she shares an anecdote about a delivery driver who got scared by Grey’s unique greeting.



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The voiceover humorously states, “People keep debating whether I’m friendly or if I’m mean and plotting world domination. The only thing I’m plotting is how to get more treats in my life.”

The video might leave viewers feeling sympathetic towards the misunderstood Grey. To shed light on the situation, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) provides an explanation for Grey’s smile.

According to them, some dogs, like Grey, display a “submissive smile.” This involves showing the front teeth, a lowered head, a wagging tail, flattened ears, a soft body posture, and squinty eyes – all traits that Grey exhibits.


The ASPCA advises, “Teeth don’t always mean aggression—it is important to consider the whole body and the context to understand what a dog is saying.”


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A dog’s mouth can also indicate stress, fear, or tension. Signs of these emotions include a closed mouth, rapid panting, and drooling without the presence of food.

When a dog displays an “offensive pucker,” it’s a physical warning sign, often accompanied by hard eyes and a tense forehead. This is not to be confused with Grey’s smile.