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Sneaky Cat Lures Dog Into Cage Then Shuts the Door [Video]



  • A smart cat named Milo has found a way to put his ‘frenemy’ in place whenever he’s annoyed with him.
  • Milo lures Beckham, a golden retriever, into a pet pen then closes the door.
  • Milo and Beckham’s owner, Erika shared a video of the incident on TikTok which instantly became a hit.

One very smart cat has figured out how to get a dog into his cage so he can get all the attention from their owner. Is that evil genius, or what?

If dogs are man’s best friend, what are cats then? Cats are wonderful, loving animals but we all know that they’re the boss of everyone.

And yes, they can also be very manipulative. One sneaky cat has just proved how he rules the house.

Meet Milo — a tabby who has found a way to get Beckham to leave him alone when he’s annoyed.

Milo’s owner, Erika, shared a clip of the feline’s routine to get all the attention in the house. The TikTok video was a hit, garnering nearly 4 million likes. Who wouldn’t like it? Milo may be naughty but he’s super adorable.

In the clip, Erika explains that when Milo has had enough of Beckham, he goes inside the golden retriever’s cage and sits inside.

Once Beckham gets inside, he quickly exits then stands outside, blocking the door to make sure the dog doesn’t get out.


What follows is ‘evil-genius’ in a cute way — he uses his nose to close the gate, shutting Beckham inside. Poor dog.

Erika describes Beckham as somewhat “not the brightest” because the dog thinks he can’t get out even if the door is not fully closed. Or maybe, Beckham just lets Milo gets his way because he’s such a good boy.

Erika also explained that Milo does this because he doesn’t like sharing attention with the golden retriever.

Erika captioned the funny video with: “Don’t worry we let our dog out right away whenever Milo does this,” to reassure viewers that she doesn’t tolerate Milo’s bossiness.

In another post, Erika uploaded a video of Milo and Beckham’s sweet moments.


Milo would never admit it, but I actually think he likes Beckham 😂 #foryou #foryoupage #lol #comedy #viral #cats #catsoftiktok ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

You can check other clips of Milo’s antics at Erika and Milo’s TikTok page, mrmilothechonk. The account has 1.6 million followers and has amassed nearly 57 million likes across all their videos.

Source: Newsweek