Sneaky pup loves scaring owner at top of stairs [Video]

poodle sneaks and scares owner at top of stairs

  • Toy poodle Chachi has learned to sneak out of sight while waiting for his mom to climb up the stairs.
  • He then jumps out at his unsuspecting mom to surprise her.
  • Chachi’s mom shared a compilation of clips showing just how frequently he catches her off guard.

Chachi, a one-year-old toy poodle, has learned an adorable prank. Every time he sees his mom about to climb the stairs, he waits at the top and sneakily hides. When she reaches the top, he suddenly jumps out and scares her!

Photo Credit: TikTok/chachi.sherri

Chachi’s mom said that he does this every time he hears her coming up the stairs! And while she doesn’t get scared every time, she shares her reaction whenever his prank succeeds.

She even shared a compilation of his pranks to show just how often he does it!

In the videos, we can see Chachi looking out for his mom. When he sees that she’s about to climb the stairs, he sneakily backs away out of sight. As he peeks his head and sees his mom, he jumps out — which catches his mom off guard!

His prank works best when his mom is focused on a gadget.

Photo Credit: TikTok/chachi.sherri

We can’t decide which is the cutest part: the way he tiptoes as he hides, his excellent timing, or the way he does an adorable victory spin whenever his prank succeeds.

Whichever it is, his adorable pranks have earned him the love of the online community.

One viewer noted how they’ve never seen a dog do this, while another marveled at how the pup thought it through and was able to do it again and again.

It turns out that poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds, according to the American Kennel Club, which described them as “wickedly smart.”

You can check out Chachi’s TikTok page to see more of her tricks.

Source: Mirror

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