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Snow-loving Dogs Start Growing Snowballs Before They Come Inside



  • Ace and Murphy are both snow-loving dogs. During winter, they would spend most days outside playing in the snow.
  • One day, during a hardcore play with their hoomans, their fur mom Ali noticed something strange: snowballs are growing in their hind legs.
  • Ali thought it was funny, and thought her fur babies might have wanted these snowballs all along so they can have snow anytime, anywhere.

Snow really has some magical effect with hoomans and dogs alike. For snow-loving dogs Ace and Murphy, growing snowballs in their bodies seemed a great idea so they can have snow wherever, whenever.

Photo Credit: Ali Masterson/The Dodo

Apparently, the snowballs made perfect excuse for the fur duo every time their mom, Ali Masterson, would call them to get inside the house.

Ace, who loves being outdoors all the time, found a way so that they can still play with snow even when inside their home. Between the two, Ace is the fireball, who likes disagreeing with his mom a lot. 

“He has selective listening and if he’s having a good time outside, he will completely ignore us calling him to come in regardless of if we’re offering treats or dinner,” said Ali. “[Murphy] is a very good listener and will come inside when we call unless her brother, Ace, is playing with her and convinces her to stay with him. This happens only once in a blue moon or when it’s snowing out.”

So, when snow time comes, Ace can be a real hardhead, simply because he loves playing in the snow too much. Murphy, who’s more obedient, can also be quite unyielding when it comes to snow.

Photo Credit: Ali Masterson/The Dodo

One fun day, when Ace and Murphy were having a full blast in the winter snow, Ali noticed something odd along the back of their legs. Snowballs have been attached to their bodies and they were about 25 pounds load of snow!  

Ali found it hilarious but got a bit worried that the heavy snowballs might cause discomfort to her dogs. But seeing Ace and Murphy unmindful of it all, she knew they were just fine. It was a bewildering yet a fun spectacle!

Photo Credit: Ali Masterson/The Dodo

“Although they seemed proud of themselves the balls were rather heavy and I worried might cause some discomfort so I figured cutting them off with scissors would be the best approach,” Ali said. “Ace and Murphy weren’t fazed in the least bit.”

Ali thought that Ace and Murphy might have wanted the snowballs in their bodies so they can have snow all the time — especially when they are being asked to come inside the house when, clearly, they don’t want to.

Source: The Dodo