Son Who Taught Parents To Play Instruments Now Has An Album With Them [Video]

Son Who Taught Parents Instruments Now Has An Album With Them

  • Ryan Stokes was bored during lockdown and wanted to play music, so he taught his parents the bass and the drums.
  • His parents quickly picked the instruments up, and within just a month, they released an album!
  • The jamming sessions also served as more bonding time for the musical family.

Ryan Stokes from New Zealand wanted to have people to jam with during lockdown, so he taught his parents to play the bass guitar and the drums. It wasn’t long before their family band had an album.

Ryan, 20, and his mom Andrea, 55, both love the rock duo The White Stripes. So, his mom was excited to learn how to play the drums like Meg White. After two months, his father Lyndon, 60, learned how to play the electric bass guitar.

With Ryan as the frontman vocalist, the band ‘Mommas Boy’ was created.

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Ryan, who was born in Hamilton, Scotland, joked that he “pestered” his parents to jam with him.

He said that his mom was a quick learner — “she had a strong beat within an hour and was ready to play within three hours.”

Soon, they were sharing videos even after just learning the instruments for the first time. Now, with over 72,000 followers on TikTok, the family is on their way to living a rockstar life.

Ryan is a student while his parents both work in local government. They were all pleasantly surprised that their band has become popular online.

He told SWNS, “Mum is known as the ‘mumma drummer’ around her work and dad is constantly blown away by the response online, after initially thinking social media was a very negative environment.”

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Using Ryan’s bedroom as a studio, the family band practiced three to four times a week. The band has no record label yet but within just a month, they have already released an album on Spotify called ‘Who Would Have Thought’ in April.

They have also played some live shows. They were understandably nervous about their first gig, but after their first show, “they were overjoyed and could not wait for the next one,” Ryan shared.

Their jamming sessions also served as more bonding time for the music-loving family.

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Ryan shared, “We always bonded over our shared love of music. Now we can bond over our shared love of making music.”

It helps that their musical tastes are so aligned. Ryan shared that he grew up listening to his dad’s records, and that as a newborn he was brought home to The Rolling Stones playing in the background.

Ryan said that the band members haven’t had any disagreements so far. He only shared his amazement for his mom becoming a rockstar drummer.

“She seems to have the biggest fan base out of all of us on TikTok,” He added. “Also, I feel like if we ever toured, she would be the one to drive a car into a swimming pool!”

You can see more of this family band on TikTok.

Source: Good News Network

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