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Spider-Men Bring Smiles To Quarantined Kids In The Neighborhood, Also Raise Money For The Real Heroes: The Frontliners



  • Andrew Baldock thought of a way to ease the loneliness kids feel being isolated at home.
  • So he put on his spidey costume, recruited his friend, and ran around the neighborhood to bring joy.
  • Now they are popular and they use that to raise money for the frontliners.

We understand that stay-at-home order is important to fight against the spread of COVID-19, but self-isolation is never easy—sometimes it just gets so…lonely.

Especially the young ones, they get sad for being unable to see their friends nor play with them. That’s the reason why two men from Stockport thought of a way to cheer up the kids in the neighborhood!

Photo Credit: STOCKPORT SPIDER-MEN (Facebook)

Andrew Baldock, an instructor for children’s martial arts, was also in a stay-at-home just like the rest of his neighbors, and he understands so well how it feels like to be isolated at home.

Suddenly, he thought of a great idea one day—he has this old Spider-Man costume that he used to wear to amuse his students during their classes—and he wants to wear it again to amuse the kids isolated in their homes.

Photo Credit: STOCKPORT SPIDER-MEN (Facebook)

He had his friend Jason Baird help him with his mission to give children some much-needed laughter and that’s when the Spider-Men of Stockport were born.

“As soon as you put the outfit on, you kind of forget who you are. You just become the character. You just unleash the inner child,” he said.

Photo Credit: STOCKPORT SPIDER-MEN (Facebook)

Andrew and Jayson now run around their neighborhood in their spidey costumes bringing happiness to everyone who sees them.

They also created a Facebook page dedicated for kids to make their request for a visit from the Spider-men. They also encourage kids to put a sign on their windows so they don’t get overlooked. Of course, they still have to follow social distancing, so the kids can wave only from inside their homes. 

Photo Credit: STOCKPORT SPIDER-MEN (Facebook)

“It’s fantastic. Absolutely fantastic,” Andrew said.

“You get a little bit hot, a little bit sweaty in it. You’re running around and you’ve got a mask, but you don’t even think about how uncomfortable you might be in it because you go around, and you just see these families and they are just happy. It is what we need. Right now it is what we need. Definitely warms your heart,” he added.

Photo Credit: STOCKPORT SPIDER-MEN (Facebook)

The kids are not the only ones who like seeing the Spider-men. Everybody loves them!

“I have had lots of adults beaming and laughing,” Andrew said. “I am going to see an elderly lady tomorrow who has been going through chemo and she has requested a visit from Spider-Man, so I will be waving to her as well.”

Photo Credit: STOCKPORT SPIDER-MEN (Facebook)

With their popularity, they decided to raise money for “the real superheroes,” and so far, they have collected $34,000 intended for the volunteers and staff members of NHS battling COVID-19 pandemic.

The best part, many others are now following their lead! Superheroes and Disney princesses and princes are now coming out to spread joy and hope!

Source: Inspire More