Young Man Shocked When A Stranger In Music Store Helps Pay For His Dream Guitar [Video]

  • A woman named Judy was shopping at a guitar store when she overheard the interaction taking place at the counter.
  • After saving for months, a young man returned to Guitar Grave to buy his dream guitar only to be told that he was $20 short.
  • Judy approached the young man and offered to pay for the remaining $20 herself.

When a woman shopping at a guitar store in Portland, Maine, saw an opportunity to help someone, she didn’t hesitate.

Judy was browsing in Guitar Grave music store when she overheard a young man as he was checking out at the register. He had found his dream guitar and had been saving for it for months. He came back to the guitar store when he thought he already saved enough money to finally make it his own. Unfortunately, the cashier told him he was $20 short.

The young man’s joy and excitement had quickly disappeared. He’d been looking for that particular guitar for quite some time and couldn’t believe that he’d finally found it! And saving for it wasn’t easy.

The store staff sensed his disappointment and offered to let him pay what he could that day so they could reserve it for him. The young man agreed but it’s obvious he was hurt that he wouldn’t be taking home the guitar that day after all. He kept his good mood about the situation.

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That’s when Judy stepped in. She approached the young man and offered to pay the remaining $20 herself. The young man was shocked by this random act of kindness. This woman who he never met before is giving him $20.

“What?” he said with a huge smile. “Really? That is so incredibly nice of you. Wow… this is like one of those moments you read about… “

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You’re right, young man. This kind of good deed should be known and read for inspiration.

Thank you, Judy. Not only did you make this young man’s day, but you also showed the impact of paying it forward.

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