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Stranger lies on the ground to calm boy with autism



  • Natalie Fernando and Rudy, her five-year-old autistic son, were walking at Southend-on-Sea when Rudy suddenly spiraled a meltdown.
  • Rudy’s outburst drew some attention and social judgments, until a stranger, named Ian, cared to help.
  • Ian was able to compose the kid as he lay down on the ground, close to him, to engage him in a conversation.

“Sometimes it takes a moment of kindness from a complete stranger to completely change your day.”

These are the words of Natalie Fernando toward the man who helped her son with autism during his meltdown while they were walking at the promenade at Southend-on-Sea, a popular strolling spot in Essex, England.

The five-year-old’s outburst happened when they turned around and walked back, which the little boy hates.

“My son loves to walk, but he hates to turn around and walk back, we usually try to walk in a circuit to avoid this but on his favourite walk with the boats we have no choice but to turn back. This will often lead to a meltdown, one which I can normally handle but on the back of two weeks out of school today was too much for him and me,” Natalie explained on her Facebook page, Better to Be Different.

Natalie knew that Rudy’s outrage could last for an hour, and that the commotion was drawing some attention, giving her captious stares from passersby — until a man named Ian dared to pause and ask her if everything was okay.

As soon as Ian learned about what happened, without thinking twice, he lay down on the ground, as close to Rudy as possible, and engaged him in a conversation.

Photo Credit: Better to be Different/Facebook

The kind stranger was successful in pacifying the little boy and even walked the two back to their car.

“I wish there were more of this man around and I am beyond thankful,” Natalie said. “I will not forget his kindness… Thanks, Ian from Southend Sea Front, you truly are a kind man.”

Photo Credit: Better to be Different/Facebook

For Natalie, what Ian did was unselfish and exceptional, and she hopes that others will be inspired to look at any situation without judging eyes.

“It’s said a lot at the moment, ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind,’” she wrote. “Words are easy, these actions are not always so easy. This man is living the words and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“If you see a parent struggling, maybe take the time to say, ‘Are you ok?’ Don’t judge the parenting, try not to judge the child, just be kind.”

This story proves how far kindness can go. Thanks for reminding us, Ian.


Source: Good News Network