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Strangers Dig Through Tons of Trash to Reunite Teen with Irreplaceable Ring [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A 17-year-old girl inadvertently discarded a ring containing her late father’s ashes during a school trip to a beach in Corpus Christi.
  • After receiving a desperate call from the girl’s mother, the local park’s operation supervisor and her colleagues conducted a four-hour search through trash cans due to be collected that morning.
  • Their determined search yielded success, recovering not only the cremation ring but also the two other sentimental rings the girl had lost, bringing immense relief and gratitude from the family.

When 17-year-old Emily Dickerson, out with her school choir for a beach trip in Corpus Christi, misplaced a ring containing her late father’s ashes, she was devastated.

Dickerson’s cremation ring containing her father’s ashes (far left) – Tina Koch

The ring, kept in a discarded Subway lunch box for safekeeping, was inadvertently lost amidst the day’s trash.

Realizing her mistake, Dickerson, whose father died when she was just seven, was gripped by panic.

Emily’s mother, Tina Koch, placed a desperate call to the Corpus Christi Department of Parks and Recreation.

It was already late Friday evening, and the chances of retrieving the lost item seemed slim, as the beach trash cans were scheduled for collection early Monday morning.

However, Laura Perez, the parks operation supervisor, was not ready to give up.


On Monday, Perez was relieved to learn that the trash collection had been delayed, providing a slim chance of recovering the precious item.

Along with her colleagues, Jesse Martinez and Robert Trevino, Perez commenced a painstaking search through the weekend’s trash.

After four grueling hours in sweltering heat, the team finally spotted a glimmer of purple – it was Emily’s ring.

Despite the incredible find, they didn’t stop until all three rings were recovered.

The touching display of perseverance left Emily and her mother overwhelmed with gratitude.

Watch the story below via a local news outlet: