Stray cat who stops going to friend’s home after he died found his forever home

  • Valerie May’s cat, Edie, used to bring Maurice, a stray cat, into their house.
  • Maurice stopped going to the house after Edie died.
  • But when he came back and saw two other kitties in the house, he invited himself to dinner and found his forever home.

Valerie May’s cat, Edie, used to bring home a stray cat who she called Maurice.  He would stay with Edie in the house but when Edie died due to medical issues, Maurice no longer came by her house. One glorious day, Maurice showed up and accompanied May in her yard while she was gardening.

That is when Maurice saw two cats behind the screen door of the house which started his daily visits.

Photo Credit: Valerie May

May said, “He began to spend a lot of time chirping at them through the screen door. My kitties seemed intrigued by him — not at all threatened or territorial.”

So, May decided to open the door for Maurice and welcomed him inside the house.  He showed up for dinner that night and began hanging out in her house.

Photo Credit: Valerie May

May said she tried finding out from the neighbors if Maurice belonged to them or if they knew any history of the cat but to no avail.  He did not even have a microchip when the vet scanned him for one.

As a stray cat that lived on the streets all his life, Maurice did not trust May or anyone immediately.  He did not allow petting but has slowly adjusted to being someone’s pet, living with other cats and staying indoors.

Photo Credit: Valerie May

What began as a ‘getting to know you’ and visits behind screen doors has blossomed into ‘getting adopted’ into his forever home.

Being welcomed into his new family has transformed Maurice into a contented cat who no longer has to scavenge for food and sleep outdoors. The attention and care have made his fur thick and shiny.

Photo Credit: Valerie May

May hopes that in time, Maurice learns to be tame and trusts his new family.

May said, “We are so happy to give him what he has so very much wanted and needed for so long. No animal should be so lonely. We look forward to watching his personality unfold as he feels more confident and secure.”

Source: The Dodo

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