Stray Dog Engages Mall Shoppers To Play Fetch [Video]

  • A stray dog ventured inside a mall in Chile and stayed there for good.
  • Employees have stepped up in taking care of the dog and feeding him.
  • The dog, Botella, now engages mall-goers to play his game of fetch.

This game is not your usual fetch.  This involves an escalator at the Arauco Maipú shopping mall in Chile, the dog Botella and friendly mall-goers.

Intrigued? Well, it was invented by a sweet stray dog named Botella whose origins are a mystery to the mall staff.  He just appeared one day and started hanging out at the mall and made it his home.

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His sweet ways endeared him to mall-goers. He was first befriended by Silvana Katalina who discovered that the pup was loving and was obsessed with toys.

Katalina said, “He never parts from his little ball. He is very tender and loves to be pet.” But what Botella does with the ball is the one that makes a lasting impression.

It’s a creative way to fetch the ball.  First, Botella drops the ball into the ascending escalator steps and when it reaches the next floor, a stranger would throw it back down to Botella. Then, repeat.

Photo Credit: @donramonzzera (TikTok)

Botella is certainly one dog that knows how to get what he wants in an adorable way.  Customers, security and staff at the mall love him and would turn a blind eye when he helps himself to the replacement balls!

An animal lover who lives near the mall, Fernanda Pérez said, “He is fed and cared for. He looks very happy.”

Photo Credit: Fernanda Perez

You’ll be amazed how a whole lot of love, care and attention can change the lives of stray dogs like Botella.  Look at how Botella is having a ball!

Source: The Dodo

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