Stray Pup Found In Cemetery Returns To Thank His Rescuers

  • Staff members of a cemetery in Missouri found a stray pup that was suffering from a skin condition and had wounds on its feet.
  • The cemetery staff called on the Stray Rescue of St. Louis who rescued the pup and brought the pup to the vet for treatment.
  • After his treatment and the pup was healing well, he came back to the cemetery to say thank you to her rescuers.

The graveyard is not only a place of rest for the dead but a place of refuge for the four-legged when they need peace and quiet or when they need to run away.  And so, when staff members from a cemetery in Missouri saw a shadow one night, they did not get scared. Instead, they looked for it the next day. 

Photo Credit: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

They found a small puppy that had a skin condition and wounded feet.  It was hiding under a bush near a gravestone marked Kamper. They immediately requested help from their friends at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL).

SRSL’s Chief Lifesaving Officer Donna Lochmann immediately brought the puppy to a vet to be treated. They even named the puppy Kamper from where he was found.

Photo Credit: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

There, Kamper got the veterinary care that he badly needed.  When he got better, the SRSL staff thought of reuniting him with the cemetery staff who rescued him.

Lochmann said, “It was really emotional for everyone, especially for Kamper and the volunteer who called us.”

The staff member was so happy that Kamper was doing well.  Kamper on the other hand went to each of the staff and thanked them with kisses.

After the joyful visit, Kamper went back to SRSL for his continued treatment with medicated baths.  He also got a fresh set of pajamas to protect his healing skin.  And while waiting for his forever home, he plays with his new dog siblings.  He is now living the life of a puppy— carefree and safe.

Photo Credit: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

But we hope he gets to find his forever family and home soon.

Source: The Dodo

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so glad this pup got the help he/she so deserved. not sure if pup is male or female, as article called it both. I can’t understand why people with more money than they could EVER spend don’t open their treasure chests and provide more for our beloved dogs. good thing I dont have much. I give to all that I can. if I had land, I would open a no kill sanctuary for dogs. they could live out their days in this place. GOD gave us these angels to love, and some of us dont deserve them. please support all you can. your heart will be gratified to see what you accomplish.