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Stubborn Dog Who Refused to Move During Rainstorm Created a Clone



  • Patsy loves doing all kinds of activities, but her absolute favorite is napping on their outdoor deck.
  • She loves soaking up the sun outside, but she’d still stay even when it rains.
  • One rainy afternoon, she refused to get up for a long time despite getting wet — and when she did get up, she left an imprint of herself on the deck!

Meet Patsy. Her absolute favorite spot is the deck in their backyard.

Photo Credit: Margot Hoeflinger

Patsy has developed a lot of favorites during her five years with her family: hiking, getting treats, ice cream trips, and meeting babies. But after all these activities, she just loves relaxing and napping on the outdoor deck.

Her mom, Margot Hoeflinger, told The Dodo, “She’s a sun goddess. With my husband working from home over COVID, she often joins him outside on our back deck for moral support. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor dog beds, but in her opinion, the warm deck can’t be beat.”

Patsy didn’t even care when it rains. One afternoon when she was napping on the deck, her parents urged her to get back in the house to avoid getting too wet from the rain, but she refused to budge.

Photo Credit: Margot Hoeflinger

Margot shared, “We jokingly call her our queen because she is just relaxing all the time and can’t be bothered to get up — in this case, not even for a rainstorm. We were out working in the yard when we went running for cover and noticed she had no motivation to get up and out of the rain.”

Finally, after persistent urges from her parents, Patsy stood up from her spot reluctantly — only to leave a clone behind.

Photo Credit: Margot Hoeflinger

A Patsy-shaped mark was left behind! Her parents couldn’t help but laugh about it.

Patsy didn’t seem fazed, though, she was still confused as to why she had to leave her spot in the first place. A little rain doesn’t bother her anyway.

In this case, however, Patsy accidentally created some art on her favorite deck.

Check out more of Patsy’s antics on her family’s Instagram.

Source: The Dodo