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Student Brings Light Saber On Graduation And Battles With Principal On Stage [Video]



  • A graduating high school student in Canada pulled out two lightsabers at his graduation ceremony and challenged his principal to a duel.
  • Graduates and parents all cheered as they fought on stage.
  • The principal said the Star Wars enthusiast asked him the day before graduation if he could bring a lightsaber on stage.

A graduating high school student sneaked two lightsabers into his graduation ceremony and challenged his principal to an entertaining impromptu duel on stage.

Star Wars enthusiast Hunter Wark-Pantoja had an elaborate plan to combine his favorite movie with one of the most important landmarks of his life.

Hunter walked to the stage to receive his high school diploma during Heritage Woods Secondary School’s graduation back in June. He then pulled two lightsabers from under his gown while walking toward Principal Todd Clerkson. He handed Clerkson an orange lightsaber to Clerkson and challenged him to a duel.

Mr. Clerkson said the 18-year-old student from Port Moody, British Colombia, had already asked him earlier this year if he could bring a lightsaber on graduation day.

Mr. Clerkson said ‘maybe’ but Hunter said he “obviously took that as a yes.”

Hunter wanted to surprise the entire audience of the ceremony—including Principal Clerkson —and make it a wonderful moment to remember.

Mr. Clerkson said he was completely surprised when he was handed a lightsaber but jumped straight into fight mode when Hunter struck his Jedi pose.

“The whole crowd was screaming and applauding – it couldn’t have been a better way to graduate,” said Hunter.

The duelers wind up and swing their lightsabers in circular motions then tap the sticks. 


Hunter’s friend Joey Aconley captured the whole thing on video, saying “Ever since I’ve known him, he was always a big Star Wars fan.”

“Every May 4th—a globally-recognized Star Wars Day—he would bring lightsabers to school for battles,” Joey added “In photography class, he would use them as light sources.”

Joey said they were “chatting about doing something on stage at graduation, but when he actually did it, we all screamed. We cheered so loud for him.”

Hunter said he would return to Heritage Woods every May 4th to relive the epic moment.

May the force be with you, Hunter!

Source: Daily Mail