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Surf’s Up for San Diego’s Most Adorable Seal Pup [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • An orphaned seal pup has been spotted catching waves on surfboards with humans at Tourmaline Surf Park in San Diego, California.
  • The seal pup, first noticed by local photographer Ed Hartel, spends its mornings hopping from board to board, attracting the warmth and respect of local surfers.
  • SeaWorld rescuers evaluated the seal and found it healthy and capable of independent living. They decided to let it continue its surfing lifestyle, as long as beachgoers respect the law by not disturbing the pup.

In a wave of delightful happenings, the shores of Tourmaline Surf Park in San Diego, California, have become the training ground for an unexpected surfer.

A spirited seal pup has been observed catching waves, not with other seals, but with human surfers.

This charming tale has been attracting widespread attention, as locals and visitors alike share their experiences with the adventurous seal.

This peculiar pinniped first caught the eye of local photographer and drone pilot, Ed Hartel, who was astounded to spot the orphaned seal climbing onto surfboards.

Now fondly known among the beachgoers, the seal pup has been spending its mornings playfully switching between surfboards, lounging on them for five to ten minutes at a time.

According to Hartel, the surfers at the park have warmly welcomed their new companion.


They let the pup mount their boards, and “let it do its thing,” maintaining a respectful distance as it enjoys its surfing escapades.

The reason for the seal pup’s interest in surfing remains a mystery.

Some surfers theorize that a traumatic incident involving a great white shark and the pup’s mother may have encouraged it to stay near the shore.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding its story, it is evident that the pup has adapted to its unusual circumstances with remarkable resilience and joie de vivre.

A team of rescuers from SeaWorld, after evaluating the pup, concluded that it was in good health and capable of living independently.

As seals are protected animals in California, officials have decided to let the pup continue its surfing lifestyle, while ensuring that beachgoers respect the law by refraining from touching or disturbing the pup.


This surfing seal pup’s delightful antics have brought a wave of joy to the people frequenting Tourmaline Surf Park.

The bond it has formed with the local surfers serves as a heartening testament to the enduring connections that can form between the human and animal worlds, and the happiness that these connections can bring.