Sweet dog thinks his pig toy is her baby [Video]

  • A rescued dog proves that a mother’s love knows no species. 
  • After being spayed, Andi the Shih Tzu is experiencing “phantom pregnancy”, making her nurture a toy pig. 
  • The protective canine mother snaps at other dogs when they come near the toy pig.

In all her 4 years here on earth, Andi the Shih Tzu, was used as a breeding dog until she was rescued.  So, it was not difficult for her to be motherly and nurturing to other pups.  But this time, after being spayed, the object of her affection and protection is a little pink toy pig.  

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Andi’s mom, Jennifer Tripucka said, “Andi found the pig in the toy bin and immediately started crying and squeaking it in her mouth. Then she would carry it around the house, circling and crying and protecting it.” 

She added that every time her siblings Finn and Pierre would come near the toy pig, she would snap at them. Andi would do anything for the toy and even try to feed it by nursing it.

According to the vet, Andi is experiencing “phantom pregnancy”, a condition that can happen to female dogs who undergo spaying.

Photo Credit: Jen Tripucka

Tripucka said, “Sometimes she forgets about it, leaves the area where it is, and circles looking for it and crying. Then she finds it and moves on to a new spot to nest in. It’s the perfect size — like her puppies might be.”

Photo Credit: Jen Tripucka

Tripucka finds it heartwarming that Andi has a nurturing nature for the other canines, including the humans—their very own therapy dog with a big heart for all species and toy pig “baby”.

Tripucka said, “This little girl came into our lives very unexpectedly at a time where I really needed an additional sweet soul to add to our pack. She is just the gentlest, most loving and wonderful pup you could ever imagine. I truly couldn’t imagine life without her.”

Source: The Dodo

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I bought my little Decil, a Yorkie/Chi mix, some brushing chews for his teeth and he thinks they are comfort bones, sort of like Linus (Peanuts) and his blanket. He will fight you tooth (pun) and nail if you try and take one away so he can eat his dog food. Get near him and a small paw slams down on the treat and teeth are bared and a guttural growl emanates from a fierce face. Mind you, he weighs about 7 lbs but he thinks he’s a Rottweiler. Love him to pieces anyway!