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Taco-Bout Adorable! Golden Retriever Can’t Contain Excitement as Human Sis Takes First Steps



Quick Smiles:

  • Taco, the Golden Retriever, has been by his human sister Vanora’s side since she was born.
  • He eagerly awaited Vanora’s first steps, as he loves to play and wanted her to join in the fun.
  • When Vanora finally walked on her own, Taco celebrated with puppy kisses and adorable zoomies!

Taco the Golden Retriever and his human sister, Vanora, share a bond that’s as pure as it gets. From the moment Vanora arrived home from the hospital, Taco has been her loyal companion, celebrating all of her milestones with her. One of their favorite morning rituals is when Vanora holds herself up using her crib to greet Taco.

As much as they’ve enjoyed these moments, Taco has been eagerly awaiting one particular milestone: Vanora taking her first steps. It’s no surprise that this playful pup is excited for his little sister to join him in more interactive fun. Even when Vanora took a few steps with a baby walker, Taco was overjoyed.

But nothing could compare to the moment Vanora finally began to walk all by herself. As soon as Taco realized what was happening, he leapt off the couch and showered her with puppy kisses. Then, to make sure his sister wouldn’t fall, he hurried back to the couch and expressed his pure joy through the cutest zoomies!

Watch Taco celebrate Vanora’s first steps in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.


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