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Talking Dog Tells Repairman He Is Too Noisy



Quick Smiles:

  • Dog uses talking buttons to tell repairman he’s too noisy
  • Repairman returns with coworkers to share the amazing experience
  • TikTok video of the encounter goes viral with over 3.5 million views

Every so often, homeowners need to call in a repairman, and pet owners know that their furry friends might have something to say about it. For TikTok user @twiggyandhercatcatfrens, their dog literally had something to say using talking buttons!

While the repairman was working, the dog pressed the button that said “noise,” expressing that the repairman was being too loud. This unexpected comment from the dog, Twiggy, left the repairman in shock.


What a nice group of guys at Service First HVAC. Twiggy and Odin did indeed press while they were here. And to be a little more fair, Twiggy pressed “Noise” not loud. She did it when I was busy talking to another guy too. I think it just means talking. @FluentPet #aic #canineaic #twiggynutkin #fluentpetguide #augmentativeinterspeciescommunication #talkingdogsofinstagram #talkingdogsoftiktok #dogbuttons #theycantalk #hvaclife #gamenight

♬ original sound – Twiggy and her Cat Cat Frens

The experience must have been unforgettable because the repairman returned the next day with coworkers to share the story. At first, the coworkers thought the buttons on the ground were part of a game, but the repairman explained that they were used for the owner’s pets to communicate.

The coworkers were just as amazed as the repairman had been. One even tried out the buttons himself! Although the repairman recalled Twiggy using the word “loud,” the owner clarified that the actual word was “noise.” Twiggy could have pressed two buttons together to say “big noise,” but she hasn’t combined those words before.

According to the owner, Twiggy was simply tired of the repairman talking too much while discussing furnace options. The TikTok video capturing their reactions has since gone viral, amassing over 3.5 million views, 259,100 likes, and nearly 700 comments.


Viewers were delighted by the repairman’s enthusiasm in sharing his experience. One commented, “I just know he told his family when he got home, ‘You’ll never believe what a dog said to me today!’” Another added, “He was so proud to have witnessed that.”

The concept of talking buttons for dogs was first introduced by speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger in 2018. She noticed similarities in communication skills between her puppy Stella and toddlers just before they start speaking. This idea has since inspired dog owners worldwide to try talking button kits with their own pets.