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Tap Dancing Chihuahua Razzles and Dazzles In His Customized Tap Shoes [Video]



  • TikTok user @tommyboy3131 makes customized tap shoes for his Chihuahua named Vern.
  • The Chihuahua’s clicks and taps wearing his new shoes, drawing the attention of viewers.
  • A viewer commented that Vern’s performance might get him the golden buzzer if he auditions on America’s Got Talent.

The clicks and taps coming from the shoes of a tap dancer in action are awesome. One can watch and listen to the rhythm on display or even mimic the movements while sitting.  A tap dancer is a sight to behold.  But a tap dancing Chihuahua named Vern is mesmerizing.

@tommyboy3131 Couldn’t find tap shoes for dogs (believe it or not)🤣so I made my own!!!! Don’t worry he only wore them for a short time and was treated like a KING 👑 after for being a good sport! #vern #chihuahuastiktok #dogsofttiktok #fyp #chihuahua #chihuahualove #chihuahuasoftiktok #chihuahuafanclub #chihuahuafeature #chihuahuadad #chihuahuamom #chihuahuapuppy #chihuahuafanclub ♬ Tension (Build Up) – Linderman

In a video by TikTok user @tommyboy3131, he decided to give in to requests to make custom tap shoes for Vern.  The process of making the shoes is shown by measuring the size, cutting the material and gluing all the pieces together until four tiny shoes are made.

Then comes Vern wearing the shoes and tippitytapping!  One cannot help but be glued to Vern as he dances around, goes to his bed, and dances again.    

Photo Credit: @tommyboy3131 (TikTok)

@weratedogs commented, “It’s like music to our ears 😌.” The sound can already attract your attention and when you get to see that a dancing Chihuahua, you are hooked!  As user @ShilohHalo wrote, “America’s Got Talent“ worthy 🙌🏼 innovative 😂.” 

Vern really is worthy of a golden-buzzer if he gets to audition on AGT!

Photo Credit: @tommyboy3131 (TikTok)

@uhmynamejess commented, “Give em the olllll razzle dazzle, Vern.”

Viewers now cannot wait for Vern’s next performance!

Photo Credit: @tommyboy3131 (TikTok)

Another viewer @Miriam Perkins suggested, “If you put them at different thicknesses, each foot will make a different sound.” That would really put a new twist on Vern’s tap dancing for viewers to look forward to!  What a brilliant idea for an adorable pup!  

Are you up for it, @tommyboy3131?

Source: Pet Helpful