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Tech-Savvy Cat Hacks Home Thermostat, Leaves the Internet in Stitches [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Orion, a black cat, has intrigued the internet by adeptly adjusting his home’s smart thermostat in a viral TikTok video, earning over 830,000 views and 63,000 likes.
  • Daily Paws’ pet health and behavior editor suggests that cats, like Orion, are naturally drawn to novelty and that his learned behavior of changing the thermostat screen is likely entertaining for him.
  • To prevent a potential surge in electricity bills, Orion’s owner has locked the thermostat so it can only be adjusted via phone, jokingly adding that they’ll be fine “until Orion learns how to use phones”.


Yezad had to lock it so we can only adjust it with our phones now. We’ll be fine until Orion learns how to use phones. #catsoftiktok #cat #blackcatsoftiktok #smarthome #googlenest #nestthermostat #cats ♬ original sound – Mallory Has Cats

In a rather “heated” viral TikTok video, we’re introduced to Orion, the black cat with a high-tech fascination.

In this new-age era of smart homes and AI, this feline tech genius may have just discovered the most expensive, yet entertaining, cat toy – his house’s smart thermostat.

Orion’s masterful paw-work, as he adjusted the thermostat, quickly won over the hearts of TikTok users, earning him over 830,000 views and 63,000 likes.

All this excitement is cheekily narrated by his human, known as malloryhascats on TikTok.

The video begins with Orion, practically nose-to-screen with the thermostat, entranced by the glowing device.


His tiny paw is seen gently pawing at the screen, causing the temperature readings to shift.

As he watches the digits flicker up and down, Orion’s curiosity appears to be piqued.

“So the cat has learned how to adjust the temperature. That is exactly what we needed,” says Orion’s mom, her voice thick with jest as her cat toyed with the HVAC system.

In a whirlwind seven-second clip, Orion tinkers with the temperature five times.

His interest peaks when the temperature changes from 74 to 75 degrees, and the thermostat’s screen changes from grey to bright orange.

But our budding feline technician is not quite satisfied, quickly bringing the reading back down to 74 degrees – a snug setting for April in Rolla, Missouri.


Jenna Stregowski, RVT, Daily Paws’ pet health and behavior editor, notes that cats are naturally drawn to novelty.

As such, Orion’s fascination with the “strange wall machine” likely began as soon as the thermostat was installed.

Their inherent curiosity stems from their need to constantly analyze their environment for potential prey or threats.

“Orion learned how to use his paws a certain way to change the screen, and now it’s fun for him to adjust it,” says Stregowski.

If it catches people’s attention – whether the reaction is good or bad – it’s all part of the game for this clever cat.

Although Orion’s interest in the thermostat might be amusing to us, there is a practical concern here.


This feline’s fascination could potentially result in some hefty electricity bills.

However, Orion’s mom assured TikTok users that the thermostat is now locked and can only be adjusted via phone.

“We’ll be fine until Orion learns how to use phones,” she quipped.

And so, while our beloved Orion may not have the warm welcome of the thermostat anymore, one can only imagine what his next smart home adventure might be.

For now, though, we’re left grinning at the antics of this tech-savvy feline.

Who knows, maybe he’s just a cat whiz trying to find his purr-fect temperature.