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Teen Trio Tops Up Trick-or-Treat Candy Stash in Surprise Twist (WATCH)



Quick Smiles:

  • A group of teens, costumed as bald businessmen, found an empty candy bowl and decided to refill it with their own stash.
  • Amazed homeowner Jennifer Wyckoff and her daughter Layla Glover discovered the selfless act while reviewing Ring camera footage.
  • The teens’ kind gesture sparked an outpouring of community praise and offers of candy rewards from impressed neighbors.

There’s nothing spooky about this Halloween tale; instead, it’s sprinkled with the sweet spirit of generosity!

In Redmond, central Oregon, a group of teenagers out for some trick-or-treat fun stumbled upon an empty candy bucket.

But instead of shrugging it off, these youths, dressed as bald businessmen, got down to business by refilling the bucket with their own treats.

Jennifer Wyckoff, the homeowner, and her daughter, Layla Glover, were keen on checking out their Ring camera after the night’s festivities, expecting to see a parade of costumes.

To their utter surprise, the footage revealed not the usual grab-and-go but a replenishing session.

“On our camera, I saw them come up to the house, there was no candy there. They said ‘Oh, let’s donate some to the bowl,’” Layla recounted the touching scene.

When the Central Oregon Daily caught up with the kind-hearted teens, their spirits proved to be as high as their ethics.


Samantha Sale chimed in with wisdom beyond her years: “We see the teenagers running around especially later at night taking the candy, and then all of the little kids who still want more candy when there’s none left in the bowl, it just makes you want to give more.”

Another one of the altruistic adolescents pointed out how a mere three pieces from her collection could lift the spirits of a young child facing an empty bowl.

Such simple acts of kindness certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

The community responded with a wave of admiration on Facebook, where one commenter boasted of their daughter initiating the sweet gesture.


Others chimed in with hearty virtual pats on the back, saying, “those teens were raised right! Great job! You should be extremely proud of your actions last night!!”

And just when you think the story couldn’t get any sweeter, another neighbor offered up whole candy bars as a reward for the teens’ good deed.

It’s moments like these that remind us all that the true treats of Halloween aren’t just the chocolates and sweets, but the heartfelt acts that linger much longer.

See it for yourself below: