Teeny-weeny Orphaned Bat Is So Lucky To Find A Mom

  • Dr. Karin Lourens understand how important bats are to nature. 
  • That is why, when a baby bat came to her hospital for immediate care, she did not hesitate to become her mom. 
  • Although that means she has to feed her every hour, every day, 24/7.

A tiny baby bat got separated from her mom and it’s not clear how it happened. She was just a few days old and was already orphaned. Thankfully she met the most caring human in her life — Dr. Karin Lourens.

Lourens, from South Africa, runs the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital, where the baby bat was rushed to get immediate help. 

Although it was so tiny the first time it came to the hospital, even smaller than a finger, caring for it was not an easy task at all. 

Photo Credit: Karin Lourens

She needed to get all the nutrients necessary for her to thrive and grow stronger. To ensure that, Lourens acted like her mom, and kept her fed 24/7. 

Taking care of the baby bat required much more than just mere care — but also much love and dedication. 

However, she’s not the only one! Another two more rescued tiny baby bats came to the hospital later on and Lourens did not hesitate to take care of them as well. 

Photo Credit: Karin Lourens

Caring for three baby bats round-the-clock may sound like really a lot of work. But honestly, that is only a small part of what they actually do. 

Same time every year, Lourens and her staff welcome hundreds of baby bats and care for them until they are strong enough to be released back to the wild — and it all starts with just a makeup sponge filled with milk. 

The result of all these efforts is always worth it for Lourens.

Photo Credit: Karin Lourens

“I have done this a hundred times and every time I am awestruck at how amazing they are,” Lourens told The Dodo. “They’re tiny, perfect beings, and every one with a different personality.”

The reason why she is so passionate in caring for these winged babies is because she understands how important bats are in balancing the ecosystem. 

“I adore bats. They are so misunderstood and have such a bad rap, yet they are super important to the ecosystem,” Lourens said. “I am completely knackered from lack of sleep, but it is super rewarding to see them grow up.”

Source: The Dodo

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