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Thanks to this Firefighter, Community Built Boy in a Wheelchair a Ramp since their Home didn’t have one



  • Sean Findley has a condition that confined him in a wheelchair but the home he was living in with his grandmother does not have a ramp to let him go out.
  • When Jerome Mourelatos, a firefighter, learned of this, he asked help from the rest of the community to make Sean’s situation more convenient.
  • Now Sean can explore outside and he’s thrilled.

Jerome Mourelatos and Sean Findley met each other eight years ago. Jerome is a fire medic and Sean was a 12-year-old boy who Jerome said “This kid’s got my heart,” and they developed a special kind of friendship.

Sean was diagnosed with Alexander’s disease—a rare neurological condition that confined him in a wheelchair and frequently on medical care. He was living with his grandma in a home that is not fit for a person in a wheelchair because it doesn’t have a ramp. When Jerome learned of this, he acted immediately to help.

After asking for assistance from other firefighters, some employees from a local home improvement store, Lowe’s, and volunteers from an architectural design company, they then built a ramp for the boy.

Photo Credit: Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department

Everyone pitched in their time for free while Lowe’s donated the materials. Sean got the best gift of his life!

In just three days, the project for Sean is finished! the Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department announced the reveal on Facebook: “Sean got to wheel down it for the first time. ‘My ramp, my ramp,’ he said excitedly with the biggest smile ever on his face.”

It was such a beautiful thing and their hard work is so inspiring!

Photo Credit: Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department

The best thing is that word for their kind deed has spread and people wanted to get involved.

After seeing the post, “Roy and Paula Long of Largo dropped off a motorized wheelchair,” the fire department said.

Since Paula wasn’t using it anymore, it is best for Sean to have it.

After only a few weeks, Sean who once can’t go out from home can now explore the outside the house, and that is thanks to the whole community, especially to Jerome.

Source: Inspire More