The internet is jealous of this sailor cat’s life!

  • Rusty the cat has been living on a boat since he was 9 weeks old. 
  • He tags along with his owners as they explore the ocean.
  • Rusty proves that cats are not scared of the water. 

We’ve discovered the coolest cat on the block, and he doesn’t even live there. He’s out with his folks, exploring the ocean. Let’s meet Rusty. The outrageously cute cat lives on a boat and explores islands. We’ll be the first to confess that we’re envious of his lifestyle, which is ironic considering we’d never imagined saying that about a cat!

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Rusty’s mother, @bohomeena on TikTok, wanted to showcase his affluent lifestyle after receiving so many questions. A cat living on a boat has certainly charmed us all! Her video has over 2.7 million views and 644k likes. Rusty enjoys being on the boat, playing in the ocean, and eating all of the fresh fish, according to her mom. All of the things this cat does and the incredible views he has will wow you. He’s living the life of his dreams!


We used to think cats were afraid of water, but  Rusty is proving us wrong! Turns out he spent his entire childhood aboard a boat! It all makes sense why he hasn’t gotten seasick or gone overboard (they have ropes for him to climb back up if he falls overboard!).

Rusty has a lot of TikTok followers who are envious of him.

β€œHow do I apply to be your next cat πŸ˜‚?” @D.E.S.S asked.

β€œHahaha maybe in 16 years when Rusty is retired,” the creator replied.Β 


Hey, we’ll submit our application right now! As long as it means we’re first on the list! Even actress Bella Thorne expressed her admiration. 

“I wanna reincarnate into Rusty,” she wrote. 

Don’t we all? There’s no doubt he’s living the happiest life!

Source: Pet Helpful

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