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The Tonight Show At Home Edition: Jimmy Fallon Asks Twitter to Reinvent Movie Titles into Quarantine Editions — LMAO



  • Jimmy Fallon continues to host The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, broadcasting inside his house.
  • The host comes up with show segments that ask people to participate, to try and think of ways to come up with comedy relief for everybody in isolation
  • Fallon asks Twitter to reinvent movie titles into quarantine editions and the list is not only genius but downright hilarious.

The coronavirus pandemic has everybody confined inside their houses as the outbreak continues to spread, but this does not Jimmy Fallon to put forth comedy relief for everybody in isolation. The host continues to broadcast The Tonight Show: At Home Edition from his house, maintaining isolation protocols.

The showrunner asked his 50 million followers to describe their quarantine experience in a six-worded tweet, inviting everybody to participate and share phrases that could make people laugh, like this one, ‘Day one, ate all the snacks.’

The Tonight Show: At Home Edition yesterday restarted his “Hashtags” segment, asking his audience to reinvent movie titles, for sequels made during quarantines, and share them on twitter.

“Johnny Depp film: Edward Washinghands” pitches @RiepTide1999, to start the “Hashtags” segment of the show.

@KelownaSteve proposed the remake, “Don’t Stand By Me” with the hashtag #QuarantineAMovie.

Here are some of our favorites:

Honey, I Flunked The Kids

A Star is Bored

Do Little

Avengers: Infinity Conference Calls

Good Will Hunting for Toilet Paper

Gloves, Actually

The Devil Wears Sweatpants

Stay At Home Along

Ferris Bueller’s Year Off

My Best Friend’s Wedding Got Canceled… And perhaps, the best one, by @TinaGibala:

50 Shades of Grey Roots (LOL!)

This was also posted on Facebook, to have others participate in the “Hashtag” segment and what people on the internet had come up with is just genius.

Check these out:

Lili Wells – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Toilet Paper


Rivka Haza – Forrest Grump

Colleen Griffin – No One on a Plane and, Fear and Loathing in Quarantine

Shawna Gonsuron – Frozen – In Place and, When Harry Met Sally: From A Distance

Source: Good News Network