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Therapy Dog Helps To Nurse Calf Back to Health [Video]



  • A young sick cow is rescued from a slaughterhouse and transferred to a farm animal shelter to be treated for pneumonia.
  • Sky the dog is a therapy animal at the shelter and is part of the team that is bringing the cow back to health.
  • The two animals develop a friendship that shows that love and caring knows no species.

Kindness and caring knows no species.  It transcends and bridges the bond between and among animals. It breaks the barriers.

When the cow John Lewis Thunderheart was just a week old, he was rescued from a slaughterhouse. The poor orphaned calf was malnourished and had pneumonia.

In order to save him, he was brought to the Gentle Barn farm animal shelter in California where he was given round the clock care.

Ellie Laks, the Gentle Barn founder said, “With great veterinary care, antibiotics, anti inflammatories, nebulizer and oxygen therapy treatments, probiotics, Sun Chlorella Algae Super Food, and lots of love, he slowly recovered.”

Part of the team that was nursing him back to health was a dog nurse named Sky.  The dog was surrendered by his owners but he turned out to be a natural healer to both sick and sad animals and people.  He is one of the therapy staff at the shelter.

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Sky and John Lewis hit it off from the get go.

Ellie said, “From day 1 we were working to save his life. Sky protected him, soothed him, would lay down right next to him and curl up beside him. We just kept pouring love and comfort into him until he began to heal.”

And John Lewis healed from all the therapy and love that Sky and the staff have been showering him with.  The two also became best cuddle buddies and playmates.

As John Lewis blossomed in their care, he also began growing to his normal species size. 

But the size and species differences do not matter to the two. Ellie said, “To us, we see a dog and a cow, but to John Lewis and Sky, they just see friends, they see family, they see love. She added, “They don’t see their differences, and I wish we could all be more like that.”


Thanks for being a beautiful example of love and kindness across species, Sky and John Lewis.

Source: Inspire More