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Therapy dog is hospital’s ray of sunshine



  • Bob serves as a therapy dog at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.
  • He comes to work at 7:30 am five times a week, carrying with him a servant’s heart.
  • Just his mere presence brings a smile to everyone’s faces!

While most people are working from home, this therapy dog is doing the hustle every single day.

Bob, a two-year-old goldendoodle, is a working dog who does community service five days a week at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

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The working dog really loves his job, and it shows. He goes to the hospital at around 7:30 in the morning, complete with his own identification badge, and of course, with the attitude of a diligent employee.

Every working day, Bob gets to work with his handler Anne Marie Sirois, Tufts’ manager of volunteer services.

Everyone at the hospital couldn’t help but get giddy over his presence.

Anne said that the supposed-to-be quick walk from the entrance to her office usually takes 30 to 40 minutes because everyone wants to greet Bob — and Bob happily indulges them.

His bright personality isn’t the only thing admirable of Bob. He also inspires everyone by sharing motivational posts on his Instagram account, such as “You are strong!” and “You can do anything!”

His “daily pupfirmations” are indeed nothing short of lovely!


Like any other profession, though, Bob had gone through a lot before becoming a full-fledged therapy dog. He took a 2,200-hour training at Canine Assistants, a Georgia-based nonprofit organization that trains assistance animals.

It was through Dogs for Joy grant from the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation that Tufts acquired Bob. The grant is responsible for placing specially-trained dogs in children’s hospitals around the country.

According to Anne, Bob “brings joy to anybody that he comes in contact with, but he also knows when to just lay down and be that comfort for the patient.”

Charlie West, a patient awaiting a heart transplant, said in an interview that Bob is of great help especially when he’s down.

“If I’m feeling low, he’ll jump up and hang out a bit. He brightens my day and breaks the monotony. If I feel down in the dumps, he helps out,” Charlie shared.

Both the staff and the patients love Bob so dearly. This fluffy ball of sunshine is what the hospital needs, especially in this time of pandemic.

Hands down, the best-employee-of-the-year award goes to this pup.

Source: Daily Paws