There’s Just No Hurrying Potty Time For These German Shepherds [Video]

  • Dad tells his two German Shepherds to do their potty business quickly as a thunderstorm is coming.
  • The dogs could not be rushed as they had to check out the perimeter, stand in the puddle, investigate noises, and smell everything before their potty break.
  • When they finished their potty time, the dogs were soaked but nonetheless happy.

In a now viral video, two German shepherd pups, Mya and Livia seem to be telling their dad, Brett Dugas, there’s no hurrying potty time, Daddy!

At the start of the TikTok video, Dugas was telling the two dogs, “It’s thunderstorming out there. We need to be quick, efficient, keep our composure.”

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But for the dogs, potty breaks are the time to stop and smell everything.  Listen and investigate for noises.  Checking on territories and zoomies!  With good weather, it would be perfectly alright but when there is a thunderstorm approaching, it is a different story.

But still, Dugas pleads to his dogs, “We just go quickly, then we get back in dry. No wet dogs!”

Photo by Shubhendu Mohanty on Unsplash

But dogs are dogs and when they are let out into the open yard, they scout the area, stand in a puddle, do the zoomies, roll in the grass. And there is nothing that Dugas can do while he gets soaked in the rain like the dogs.  He says to the camera, “This is my nightmare.”

And when the potty business was concluded, the three met at the door. Dugas asks the two panting and wet doggies, “How do you think that went?” Yeah, not … not well, right?”

But looking at the happy faces of the two pups, one can say, they did what they came out to do, right? Mission accomplished although soggily.  It was business with pleasure.

Source: Daily Paws

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