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These Happy Seniors Can Now Talk With Their Loved Ones For The First Time In Months! [Video]



  • The Dreamweaver Foundation, a nonprofit that grants seniors’ wishes, distributed 300 Facebook Portals to senior living facilities in Nebraska and Iowa for free!
  • The portals are designed to be much more user-friendly for seniors, with built-in louder speakers, larger icons, and easy calling.
  • For the first time in many months, seniors who are in isolation are able to talk with their families and friends.

Seniors who have to self-isolate to stay away from the risk of contracting the virus during the pandemic are now able to connect with their loved ones after many months — thanks to the user-friendly and extra loud devices that they can use.

The Dreamweaver Foundation has distributed 300 Facebook Portals for free to many senior residents of the home care facilities in Nebraska and Iowa. In return, they have received tears of joy from seniors who were extremely relieved to be able to talk with their families and friends again for the first time in months.

Photo Credit: Dreamweaver Foundation

The eight-year-old nonprofit organization that is based in Omaha usually focuses on granting seniors’ wishes, like race car rides or hot-air balloon experiences. But they had to stop their activities when COVID-19 happened. 

“We still wanted to serve seniors in a special way,” executive director Cheri Mastny said. “Many families had been resorting to window visits or calls on smartphones which can be both expensive and difficult for seniors to operate.”

The portal is built specifically to help make the usage much easier for seniors. It has a built-in powerful speaker on the back so that those who are hard of hearing won’t have any problem. The buttons are also made larger so it is easier to see and click. The calling system to and from the device was also made very friendly and seamless. 

Photo Credit: Dreamweaver Foundation

“My grandma was a lucky recipient of a Portal and I could Facebook chat with her. It was the first time I had seen her in months,” says Jill Sauser Hamilton. “I can’t tell you how happy this gift has made her. Her daily video chats with our family give her something to look forward to.”

Dreamweaver has since been overwhelmed with more requests for the device. So they started a fundraiser intended to purchase additional portals and help more seniors in need!

Check out their website to learn more about their projects.

Source: Good News Network