These Three Dogs Have The Cutest Living Room. They Have Their Own TV [Video]

Peaches, Challah, and Mitzi might be the world’s most pampered Dachshunds.

The three dogs belong to Ben Mazer, an emergency room doctor from Atlanta. In his downtime, Ben likes to spoil his pups and posts about the dogs’ lush life on Instagram @WorldsBestDogDad, where he has over 8,000 followers.

Ben recently started sharing footage of his pups’ mini living room, a private space the dog owner created to help his canines relax. As his videos show, the tiny living room looks like the set from a sitcom like Friends, only a little smaller.

Peaches, Challah, and Mitzi’s hangout has tiny versions of most living rooms staples. The doggy den is equipped with a small flat-screen TV hung at Dachshund height, little shelves stocked with fun-sized knick-knacks, a shrunk-down bar cart, and more.

doggy living room
Photo Credit: @WorldsBestDogDad /INSTAGRAM

Ben also gave each pooch their own couch in the little living room, even though the dogs sometimes prefer to snuggle together. He repurposed things he had at home to create the room’s cozy, lived-in look. For example, the canines’ coffee table is a salad bowl with a plate on top.

Recently, he added a mini-aquarium to the dogs’ crib.

Knowing his dogs are comfortably enjoying their days at home gives Ben peace of mind when he is away working at the hospital.

You lucky dogs!

Source: PEOPLE

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