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This Cat’s Favorite Sleeping Place Is An Old Backpack



  • Willow explores around their house, searching for hiding places where she could sleep throughout the day, undisturbed.
  • She is small, which means the possibilities for hiding places from inside their house are endless.
  • She came across this old backpack that was supposed to be thrown out and this became her favorite hiding place, for the time being at least.

Willow is adopted. Andrew Zutty encountered the animal after she wandered into a barbershop next door. From there, he decided to foster her until something better comes along, her forever home. He did not understand it back then, but the animal he rescued intends to stay.

“We were only planning on keeping her until we could find her [a home], but honestly, it’s one look into her eyes and you’re done,” Andrew said. 

Soon, his adoption papers were prepared and completed. Every day, the household learns something about him. She spends time searching for hiding spots, then hiding in them to sleep the entire morning or sometimes throughout the day. She’s on the smaller side, which means the possibilities for potential hiding places are endless. 

“You’ll often be surprised to find her stuffed inside various things around the house,” Andrew said. “Her favorite spots are the deep dark places. Under the covers, furniture, inside suitcases, and apparently now my old backpack.” 

One time, she came across this old backpack that was supposed to be thrown out. She crawled inside and decided that this becomes today’s hiding place. She now spends hours in there, dreaming away. There is a problem.

“My roommate smartly realized that this was a recipe for disaster,” Andrew said. “She’s so small that it really just looks like an empty backpack, lying flat on the ground. So he wrote up a great little sign to make sure everyone in the house knew when it was currently occupied.” 

There is this danger that someone might step on the backpack, unaware that someone is sleeping inside. Her hangout place remains in this location, without the option of moving it elsewhere. Instead, the roommates placed a sign that said, “Cat inside, do not step” on the backpack. This seemed to be the perfect solution for both parties.

Now, she could sleep curled up inside the backpack for as long as she wants. She sometimes becomes uninterested in her hiding places, onto the search for another one. Her owner and his roommate are familiar with the process, so they would keep the sign. Besides, who knows what she’ll be sleeping in next or where. 

“I’m sure it will continue to come in handy as Willow finds more hiding spots around the house,” Andrew said.

Source: The Dodo