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This French Bulldog Dons Halloween Costumes for Every Day of October



  • The lockdown has spurred a loving pet mom to dress their French bulldog, Toad, in Halloween costumes for each day of October.
  • The adorable pup has sported costumes from silly characters in movies and series, such as Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid,” and Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Toad now has over 13,000 Instagram followers thanks to his cute costumes.

October has long-been celebrated to be the time of year when people would dress up in Halloween costumes.

But people are not the only ones who can pull off amazing Halloween costumes — pets can, too!

One such adorable pet, a French bulldog named Toad, has been sporting a different costume for each day of October.

Amy Herrington, Toad’s owner, says, “My favorite one is LaFawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite. The way he looked down in the photo really captured Kip from the movie. ”

Photo Credit: SWNS

Amy, an attorney from Dallas, Texas, said that they usually pick the silly characters from their favorite movies and series.

So far, the pup has pulled off costumes ranging from Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”…

Photo Credit: SWNS

…to Elton John playing the piano!

Photo Credit: SWNS

Toad’s other costumes include MC Hammer, Dwight Shrute from “The Office,” and, of course, Napoleon Dynamite.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Most of the clothes used in his costumes are actually kids’ clothing!

Toad has graced his family with his presence since February, “right before lockdown happened.”

So while they were stuck inside, Amy decided to make fun pages for Toad on TikTok and Instagram. She shared that while her husband “isn’t as into it,” he has helped by holding onto treats while the other takes the photos.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Some future costume plans include Willy Nelson, Regina George from “Mean Girls”, Frodo from “Lord of the Rings,” Mrs. Doubtfire, a garden gnome, and a Chia pet.

Toad’s pawsome photos have since earned him over 13,000 followers on Instagram!

You can check out his past and future costumes on his Instagram page, @Goodboy.toad.


Source: Good News Network